Seawall Chronicles is a growing compilation of sights and sounds recorded along Vancouver's Seawall - an extraordinary expanding 30km waterfront pedestrian and bike route that meanders through and around countless parks, gardens, beaches and neighbourhoods. As well as breathtaking vistas of Vancouver's surrounding waterways, mountains, forests and islands, the Seawall also provides unique perspectives into Vancouver's lively urban core.

My name is James Schouw. The inspiration for Seawall Chronicles struck me one beautiful summer evening in 2008 as I cycled home from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal after a memorable afternoon on Bowen Island. My route that evening included portions of the Seawall along Stanley Park, Downtown Vancouver's West End, and False Creek. I'd traveled there many times before - by foot, bicycle and inline skate - but something elusive about the peaceful beauty of that evening reminded me to never take such gifts for granted.

Seawall Chronicles is intended to share and celebrate the interplay of urban and natural elements that define Vancouver. From time to time my friends, family and acquaintances have gathered for informal outings along the Seawall - and have shared expertise on history, urban planning, public art, marine life and other interesting perspectives. Many of our excursions and discussions are linked on the following page of this website, which was updated to a new platform in 2017 in anticipation of boundless new content.

Seawall Chronicles does not accept money or sell advertising. Any commercial or public service wishing to provide a link to this website is welcome to do so. And if you have any fun or interesting ideas for subject matter or Seawall Chronicles participation, pleaseĀ share your thoughts.

Thank you to all of those who have already contributed, and I hope you enjoy exploring this unique, multifaceted city.

Very best regards,

James Schouw